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    All parents/visitors and guest speakers must check in at the main office to receive a visitor's pass. You must have an appt. to see a teacher and we will call that teacher before you leave the office to confirm the appt. There will be NO exceptions to this rule.
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How to Keep Students Learning This Summer

Summer is an important time to keep students engaged in activities that will both reinforce learning in the classroom and spark ideas for what they would like to do with their lives after high school. It's important that families consider balancing screen time, down time and fun time with stimulating activities to maintain gains made during the school year.
Parents, mentors and students can consider the following ideas to provide students with continued learning opportunities as they approach graduation:
  • Consider summer programs offered by colleges and universities geared toward teens that will help prepare them for the college or life after high school.
  • Assist your teen in establishing personal and professional goals. Have an honest discussion about your student's strengths, weaknesses and potential career options.
  • Suggest that your student volunteer, mentor or donate time to summer learning programs, assisted living facilities or animal shelters.
  • Help your teen understand what is needed to gain employment such as creating a resume and cover letter, filling out a job application and honing their interview skills. Encourage them to obtain a summer job.
  • If you're planning a vacation together, solicit the help of your teen in researching the trip including creating an itinerary or a budget.
  • Encourage your teen to get outside and stay active.
  • Consider reading a book as a family or with a group of friends. Meet regularly for a book club.

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