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ACT Testing - April 28th

All Juniors will participate ACT testing on Tuesday, April 28th. Here are just a things to remember for that day.

Before the test:

  1. Prepare physically: Eat a healthy breakfast, go to the bathroom prior to the test and be well hydrated.

  2. Stay calm: Practicing some breathing techniques helps you to relax!

  3. Flex and stretch: Brain research shows that it is important to keep blood flowing freely throughout your body if you want the brain to stay sharp.

  4. Have a little fun: Smiling and telling a couple of jokes before testing starts to help reduce the stress.

During the test:

  • Read the entire question first. Read the entire question first to make sure you understand what it’s asking.

  • Look for key words in the question. Identify key words in the question, such as compare, except, and author’s intent, that will guide you in choosing the correct answer.

  • Read all answer choices before choosing the correct answer. After you read the question, stop and think about the answer before reading all the possible answers. Then eliminate the unlikely answer choices and identify the correct answer.

  • Answer easier questions first. Answer the questions you know, skipping the difficult ones, and then go back and answer the questions you skipped.

  • Make smart guesses. When you don’t know the answer to a question, make a smart guess, unless there’s a penalty for guessing. To make a smart guess, eliminate the answer choices you’re sure are wrong, think about what you know about the topic, and then pick the best remaining answer choice. The correct answer is often the longest one.

  • Stick with your first answer. You shouldn’t second-guess yourself; your first answer is probably right. You shouldn’t change answers unless you’re certain that your first answer was wrong.

  • Pace yourself. Budget your time wisely so you’ll be able to finish the test. Don’t spend too much time on any one question.

  • Check your work carefully. Check that you’ve answered every question, if you finish early.

Capstone Presentation Day - April 30

On April 30th, students who chose to complete a capstone project this year will present them to staff and students who sign up for one of two locations; room 120 or the auditorium. Presentations will take place from third through seventh period. Email Libby Oliver to sign up to attend or submit the google form

Presentations in Room 120 (space limited)

Presentations in the Auditorium

Period 3

Milan Risi

"Working at Spectrum"

Sean Lodmell

"Science Outreach at The Watson

Children's Center"

Period 3

Greta Dorshorst

"The Second Annual Jack Riekena Memorial

Tournament: Raising Suicide Awareness"

Marina Chinikailo

"Slavic Pentecostal Church of Missoula

Kids' Camp"

Period 4

Stella Gardner

"From Au Pair in Spain to Spanish Teacher at

Paxson Elementary School: Learning and

Teaching Spanish with Children"

Elisa Cherry

"Making a Difference for Pacific Kids"

Period 4

Emily Graham

"Concert in the Dark: A Benefit for

Degenerative Eye Disease"

Stephanie Uhlenbruck

"Creating Short Films"

Period 5

Kessa Juda-Nelson

"Sexual Education: Teaching to

Sixth Grade Students"

Brandon Tobalske

"Mountaineering in the Alps"

Period 5

Lily Chumrau

"Young Athlete's Program: Special Olympics"

Clara Batchelder

"Travel to Cambodia and Creating

an Environmental Directory"

Period 6

Natalie Linn

"Creating a Web Comic"

Olivia Adams

"Relay Recess: Cancer Education and

Fundraising with Lewis and Clark Elementary"

Period 6

Morgan Clark-Gaynor


Luci Simpson

"lTV Ghana Photography"

Period 7

Riley Slayden

"Ethnomusicology: Balinese Gamelan”

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