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Finance Academy Ribbon Cutting

We invite you to attend the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the Hellgate High School Finance Academy, Sept. 10, 2015, from 12:30-1:15pm in the Hellgate Courtyard. Finance Academy Student Ambassadors will be doing the honors of cutting the ribbon.  Montana Governor Steve Bullock, Deputy Superintendent Dennis Parmon of the Montana Office of Public Instruction, as well as the members of the Finance Academy Advisory board and local business partners will also be in attendance to celebrate the commencement of the Finance Academy.

Hellgate 2015 All-State Musicians

The 2015 All-State Band, Choir and Orchestra are made up of the best high school musicians from the state of Montana.  Students auditioned for these groups in June by submitting recordings.  These top student musicians from across the state will be directed by collegiate and professional conductors October 14-16 in Billings, MT. The following talented musicians were selected from Hellgate High School:

Hellgate Choirs - All-State Choir members
1.    Brighid Leonard – Alto 2
2.    Claire Landers – Soprano 2
3.    Diego Kjelland – Bass 1
4.    Ellie Brown – Soprano 2
5.    Elliott Standen – Bass 1
6.    Grace Slayden – Alto 2
7.    Julianne West – Soprano 1
8.    Katee Orr – Soprano 1
9.    Libbie Jones – Soprano 1
10. Lillie Gutman – Alto 2
11. Marc Anschuetz – Tenor 2
12. Michael Boris – Tenor 2
13. Parker McDavid – Bass 1
14. Sophia Thompson – Alto 1
Choir Alternates:
1.    Chance Leuphold – Bass 2
2.    Tristan Redearth – Tenor 2
3.    Zoe Buck – Alto 2
Orchestra All-State Musicians from Hellgate
1.     Bridger Liston - Bass
2.     Camas Allison-Bunnell - Violin
3.     Darla Sweeney - Violin
4.     David Harmsworth - Cello
5.     Elen Gariepy - Violin
6.     Emma Norton - Cello
7.     Ian Knight - Violin
8.     Isadora Shannon - Cello
9.     Lauren D'Angelo - Violin
10.  Lucy Sayer - Violin
Orchestra Alternates
1.     Su Su Oo - Cello
2.     Elise Baker - Cello
3.     Sarah Wolf – Cello
2015 Hellgate Bands All-State Musicians
1. Alexandria Pauldine; Flute/All-State Honor Band
2. Brooke Riley; Flute/All-State Honor Band
3. Cameron Kia-Weix; Trumpet/All-State Honor Band
4. Carolyn Graham; Flute/All-State Honor Band
5. Haley Boyer;  Trumpet/All-State Honor Band
6. Harrison Maughan; Baritone Sax/All-State Honor Band
7. John Ruediger; Trombone/All-State Honor Band
8. Katrina Liston; Bassoon/All-State Honor Band
9. Kayla Eyre; Clarinet/All-State Honor Band
10. Kennedy Salonen; Oboe/All-State Honor Band
11. Marisa Nerison; Bassoon/All-State Honor Band
12. Meredith Walker; Trombone/All-State Honor Band  
13. Natasha Crepeau ;Clarinet/All-State Honor Band
14. Olivia Quintero ;French Horn/All-State Honor Band
15. Peter Byrne;Alto Sax/All-State Honor Band
16. Rory Anderson; French Horn/All-State Honor Band
17. Rosie Cerquone; Percussion/All-State Honor Band
18. Steeton Wilsonoff; Bass Clarinet/All-State Honor Band
19. Arianna Nguyen-Haberneski; Flute/All-State Honor Band
20. Grace Ravensloot; Alto Sax/All-State Honor Band
21. Hannah Mikesell; Trumpet/All-State Honor Band 
22. Moira McBurney; Bassoon/All-State Honor Band
23.Mikaela Samson; Clarinet/All-State Honor Band
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