Welcome to the Payroll Dept.

Business Building
915 South Ave. West
Missoula, MT  59801
Phone:  406.728.2400
Fax:  406.549.0449
Office Hours:  7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. (Monday - Friday)

Payroll FAQ

Who needs to complete a leave form?
All permanent employees, which includes:  administrators (all levels of management), teachers, classified staff, trades and craft staff and exempt employees.  Leave forms are required for all absences from a position except for professional leave which requires a professional leave form.
Where do I get leave request forms?
Leave request forms are available from the building secretary or Human Resources Department.
Who needs a copy of my leave form?
The principal or supervisor and Payroll Department needs this information.
When is my leave balance adjusted for leave used?
  • Employees paid monthly, leave balance is adjusted monthly following the leave used.  A sick or personal day taken in October will not be deducted until the November payroll.
  • Employees paid bi-weekly, leave balance is adjusted each pay period for leave taken during the pay period. 

The leave balance on the check stub or direct deposit stub is an accurate leave balance.  The leave balance on the timesheet does not always reflect the correct balance due to the timing of the printing of the timesheet.  If you are unable to locate your most recent pay stub, please contact payroll for your leave balance.

How do I get a copy of my W-2?
Contact the Payroll Department and allow 7 days.

Who needs my name, address, telephone change information?
The Human Resources Department, Payroll Department and the Substitute Scheduler needs this information.
What is the current Curriculum and Instructional Rate?
The Curriculum Rate is $25.47.
The Instructional Rate is $29.00.
Who needs to know when my marital status changes?
The Human Resources Department, Payroll Department, Benefits Technician and Social Security needs this information.
Where do substitutes get timesheets?
Timesheets are available from the building secretary or Payroll Department.
Are supplemental contract payments included in the teacher triple check?
No, all supplemental contract payments end in May.

Department Contacts

Theresa Roullier, Payroll Supervisor
Ext. 3034
Bob Edwards, Payroll Technician
Ext. 3026
Beth Schaper, Payroll Clerk
Ext. 3044