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The Missoula County Public Schools K-12 English Language Arts (ELA) Curriculum aligns to the Montana Common Core Standards.  The standards, which are divided into four broad strands: Reading Literature, Reading Informational Text, and Foundational Skills K-5; Writing; Speaking and Listening; and Language, reflect the essential skills necessary for college and career readiness and responsible citizenship in the 21st century. As students progress through each grade level, they read extensively from a wide range of increasingly challenging literary and informational texts in the arts, history/social studies, science, and technical subjects. Heightened emphasis is placed on their ability to gather, analyze, synthesize, and share information and ideas, to pose questions and solve problems, and to evaluate large volumes of print, digital, and visual material. Students devote significant time to writing in primarily three different types that are all integrally connected to their reading and units of study. Argumentative/persuasive writing holds a particular position of importance as students are called upon more frequently to present an opinion or claim and support it with textual evidence. Through informational/explanatory writing, students continue to demonstrate and apply their understanding of subjects, issues, and ideas being researched and studied. In addition, students convey real and imagined experiences and events in narrative pieces. Students participate formally and informally in a variety of rich conversations both in class and electronically with students across the region, nation, and world. Being productive members of a global society requires many skills, but certainly students should be able to contribute accurate, relevant information, and listen and respond respectively to diverse perspectives. New technologies and digital texts have expanded the role of speaking and listening requiring students to incorporate graphs, images, links, audio, and video into their presentations. As students become more skilled in the conventions of Standard English grammar, usage, and mechanics, they also become aware of the craft of language beyond "the rules." Acquiring new general and academic vocabulary is fundamental to students comprehending the texts they are assigned and communicating more effectively in their writing and speaking. English Language Arts provide students with the skills necessary to learn about and become fully involved in their world along with the essential knowledge necessary to appreciate cultural aspects of their world. All students need to be skillful in English Language Arts to successfully learn in school, to become productive members of society, and to achieve their full potential through life-long learning.


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